New Biden Ad Torches ‘Confused’ Trump’s Ridiculous Gaffe Excuse

President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign flipped former President Donald Trump’s excuses for his verbal stumbles right back at him in a new ad.

The 60-second spot features multiple Trump stumbles and the Republican front-runner’s claims that he does it “purposely” or because he speaks “in long, complex sentences.”

“Have you noticed he’s a little confused these days?” Biden asks in speech footage that is featured towards the end of the clip. The video concludes with reports that Trump is “rattled by Biden’s efforts to get under his skin.”

Biden’s campaign has ramped up its attacks on Trump’s errors in recent weeks to combat conservative claims that the president is too old to remain in office.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough noted as such last month, likening the Biden camp’s quick response to Trump gaffes as a “tight man-to-man defense” that “has to be driving Donald Trump crazy.”

“Donald Trump says something stupid, it’s up online, like, 15 seconds later. It’s on TikTok, it’s on YouTube, it’s on X, it’s on Instagram Reels,” said Scarborough.

The “Morning Joe” anchor added, “I’ve got to say, I think this is why Trump got away with this in the past because all his opponents were flat-footed. And maybe even the Biden campaign in 2020 didn’t have to do this as much as they’re doing in 2024.”

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