‘I Will Never Believe That!’ Trump Fans Tell ABC Anchor Nothing Will Convince Them Biden Beat Trump

Supporters of former President Donald Trump told ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz that nothing will convince them that Trump’s claim he beat President Joe Biden is false.

On Sunday’s edition of ABC’s This Week, Raddatz introduced a lengthy package of interviews with three Pennsylvania Trump supporters by telling viewers “This is not a fact-check on their beliefs. There’s no changing their minds, but more than 72 million Americans voted for Donald Trump in 2020, and it is important to understand why.”

True to her word, Raddatz didn’t exactly fact-check the Trump fans as they stood by Trump’s election laws, but she did point out there were “many lawsuits” and court cases.

They were unmoved, one of them saying “I will never believe” Biden — with 81 million votes — defeated Trump:

RADDATZ (voice over): They stand by Trump’s false claim that Joe Biden lost the 2020 election. Even if it takes a minute.RADDATZ: Do you think the election of 2020 was stolen?SCHNEIDER: I don’t know that it – I – I don’t think that it was – yes, I do. I think it was stolen. I – I – I don’t believe that that many people voted for Joe Biden. I – I – I — and I will never believe that. I – I don’t believe that.RADDATZ: No matter how many lawsuits or court cases there were?SCHNEIDER: No

matter how many lawsuits or court cases. When – when something is proven, I think you have to investigate the other side of it.RADDATZ: I take it you believe the election was stolen?VINUP: Yes, I do. You know, people will say, well, there isn’t – there isn’t enough to overturn this particular election. That — really? You put it all together, I think there might be. Why aren’t we looking at it?RADDATZ: How do you bridge the divide in this country? You guys have very strong opinions. You have certainly heard people who do not like Donald Trump.SCHNEIDER: I think if we really start to look at how we really have a lot more in common and we all really want the same goal. We want safety and security for our country. We want, you know, our children to thrive. We want, you know, to be able to pay our bills. I think we have to get control of the media. I think we really have to get control of the media if you want to unify people because I think they have a way of really controlling the narrative.

President Biden defeated Trump in an electoral landslide that has been reaffirmed over and over by state officials from Trump’s own party — including Republican officials in Georgia. He’s now facing dozens of felonies related to his attempt to overturn that defeat. His challenges have been defeated in court dozens of times,

and rejected even by the Supreme Court justices he placed on the court.

Watch above via ABC’s This Week.

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