Trump Claims Credit For Stock Market Using Bogus Reasoning

And you’ll never believe this, but his logic borders on the ridiculous.

On Friday, U.S. stocks hit a record high for five straight days and cinched a 12th winning week out of the past 13 ― good news for the economy, and presumably for President Joe Biden.

But Trump didn’t see it that way, insisting via his Truth Social platform that he’s the real architect of the recovery, because of reasons.

“This is the Trump stock market because my polls against Biden are so good that investors are projecting that I will win, and that will drive the market up,” Trump wrote in a post on Monday. “Everything else is terrible (watch the Middle East!), and record setting inflation has already taken its toll. Make America Great Again!!!” (Actually, he wrote this in all caps, but you knew that.)

With a little more than nine months to go before the election, polls currently show Trump leading Biden by 4.3%. Still, many users of X, formerly known as Twitter, were quick to call out Trump for taking credit for something he didn’t do.

Biden’s own reelection campaign got in on the mockery:

Others chimed in as well.

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