Stephen Colbert Clowns Trump Over The 1 Group Of Voters That ‘Matter Most’ To Him

Stephen Colbert named the kind of voters that “matter most” to Donald Trump as the former president tries “to win over” the group amid the GOP primary season.

“His juries,” said “The Late Show” host in his Thursday monologue.

Colbert noted that Trump, who is facing 91 felony charges across four indictments, was back in court Thursday for the second defamation trial brought by writer E. Jean Carroll.

He was in the same courthouse where a different jury found him liable for sexual abuse last year after Carroll accused Trump of raping her in a New York City department store in the 1990s. He was ordered to pay Carroll $5 million in damages.

Colbert added the jury found that Trump sexually assaulted Carroll and then defamed her by lying about it.

“A crime known in Republican circles as ‘presumptive nominee,’” said Colbert in a nod to reports that the Republican National Committee is weighing whether to anoint Trump with the title.

The host, later in the monologue, pointed to Trump lawyer Alina Habba’s questions for the former president in his direct examination.

Habba asked Trump whether he instructed “anyone to hurt” Carroll before he replied, “No, I just wanted to defend myself, my family and frankly, the presidency…”

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan interjected and “instructed the jury to disregard everything” after Trump’s “no.”

Colbert, who paused for laughter, explained why he found Kaplan’s response “fitting.”

“Because the whole trial is the result of Trump disregarding everything after no,” Colbert said.

You can check out more of Colbert’s monologue below.

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