Seth Meyers Shreds Biden’s New Anti-Trump Merch

Seth Meyers is less than impressed with President Joe Biden’s new campaign merchandise.

On Wednesday, the “Late Night” comedian held his head in his hands.

“Oh, Democrats, why are you so bad at this stuff?” he asked. “That is not a slogan, that’s like an affirmation you tape on your bathroom mirror.”

“Slogans don’t have multiple punctuation marks in them. A slogan is like, ’Let’s go,’ or, ‘Vote or die,’” he continued. “This is a sentence so awkward that you think, ‘Oh it must spell out a cool acronym,’ and then it doesn’t.”

Meyers also took issue with its ending, saying, “You can’t end your slogan with ‘again’ when his [Trump’s] slogan ends with ‘again.’”

“Democrats, I’m begging you. Please suck less,” he concluded, before settling on a new rallying cry for the party: “Democrats: We Suck… Less.”

Watch Meyers’ monologue here:

And his “Closer Look” segment here:

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