Mary Trump Spots ‘Cracks In Donald’s Support’: ‘I Know Exactly How We Can Defeat Him’

Mary Trump on Tuesday spelled out how her uncle Donald Trump can be beaten if, as is becoming increasingly likely, he becomes the Republican 2024 nominee.

After Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire GOP primary, his niece (who is one of his loudest critics) acknowledged in her email newsletter that any win for her uncle is “on its face” depressing.

But certain “cracks in Donald’s support” made her “more sure than ever that I know exactly how we can defeat him together,” she added.

Mary Trump pointed to last week’s NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll that found some 43% of Republicans who were supporting Trump’s rival Nikki Haley in the Iowa caucuses would actually switch their vote to President Joe Biden if Trump won the GOP nomination.

“If this trend continues, President Biden will have more support from Democrats than Donald will have among Republicans,” she said. “In a close election, that could be enough to tip the scales against Donald’s winning.”

The four-times-indicted ex-POTUS may be “even more dangerous” than during the 2020 election but has also “never been more vulnerable,” Mary Trump.

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