Fox News’ Brit Hume Exposes Key Trump ‘Weakness’

Trump beat former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley by an 11-point margin, 54% versus 43%, based on the returns as of early Wednesday.

But Fox News host Martha MacCallum noted that Trump has a “sort of quasi-incumbency” given that he is a former president, and as such should have 80-84% of the vote.

“If you think of him as an incumbent, this showing tonight’s weak, right?” he said. “He should be doing better.”

Hume then issued a warning to Republicans about the former president.

“But there’s weakness there with Trump, there’s no doubt about it, even if he wins easily and going away,” he said. “Look, he lost in 2020. His candidates lost in 2022. I mean, he has a lot of losses on his book.”

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