MAGA Unraveled: An Insider’s Perspective on Right-Wing America

Explore the evolution and deep roots of the MAGA movement, its impact beyond Trump, and an insider’s journey from belief to disillusionment.

On this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast we talk with journalist Tina Nguyen, author of The MAGA Diaries: My Surreal Adventures Inside the Right Wing and How I Got Out. A one-time MAGA fellow traveler, Nguyen delves deep into the heart of the movement. 

Challenging the notion that it’s merely a product of Trump’s influence, Nguyen — who journeyed from a conservative student to disenchanted MAGA-member to jobs at Politico, Vanity Fair, and now Puck — exposes the intricate network of well-funded conservative organizations that have shaped right-wing politics going all the way back to the 1960s.

In laying bare the truly reactionary nature of these movements, Nguyen highlights the long standing role of youth recruitment, which provides longevity to the cause, and the power of social media in spreading the message. 

Nguyen’s narrative not only uncovers the historical roots of today’s MAGA movement but also offers a critical analysis of its enduring influence and potential future — even without Trump. 

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Full Text Transcript:

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