Chris Christie Says His 2016 Trump Endorsement Was A ‘Mistake’

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) admitted in a new presidential campaign ad that endorsing former President Donald Trump in 2016 was a mistake on his part.

“I have an admission to make. Eight years ago when I decided to endorse Donald Trump for president, I did it because he was winning, and I did it because I thought I could make him a better candidate and a better president,” Christie said in the 66-second ad released Thursday. “Well, I was wrong, I made a mistake.”

After he dropped out of the 2016 presidential race, Christie supported Trump and briefly led his presidential transition team. Last year, Christie was asked about his judgment in regard to endorsing Trump in an interview with Vanity Fair.

“I’m not perfect. I can be wrong sometimes. I think everybody can,” he said.

Unlike some of the other GOP presidential candidates, Christie has consistently criticized Trump both before and during his 2024 campaign.

While Trump is facing a myriad of legal issues, including numerous criminal cases and disqualification from ballots in two states, he is still leading the Republican 2024 primary polls with an average of 61.8%, according to FiveThirtyEight. Trailing behind him are Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (12.1%), Nikki Haley (11.2%), Vivek Ramaswamy (4.8%), Christie (3.4%) and Asa Hutchinson (0.8%).

Elsewhere in the ad, Christie addressed Trump’s lead in the polls.

“Now, we’re confronted with the very same choice again,” he said. “Donald Trump is ahead in the polls, so everyone says, ‘Anyone who’s behind him should drop out, and we should make our choice Donald Trump versus Joe Biden.’ Well, Joe Biden has had the wrong policies, and Donald Trump will sell the soul of this country. Neither choice is acceptable to me, and it shouldn’t be acceptable to you.”

Never one to shy away from verbal attacks, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung responded to the ad in a statement to Politico, saying, “Chris Christie looks like a weak bitch.”

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