Watch 2019 Mike Johnson Destroy His 2023 Biden Impeachment Spin In MSNBC Supercut

A montage aired by MSNBC’s Alex Wagner on Tuesday exposed House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) hypocrisy over the GOP’s push to impeach President Joe Biden.

Wagner aired a supercut of clips from 2019, when Democrats were preparing to impeach then-President Donald Trump over his effort to extort Ukraine, in which Johnson repeatedly said the Founding Fathers “warned against a single-party impeachment” because of the division it may cause in the country.

Johnson also at the time expressed his concern about an impeachment happening 11 months out from a presidential election.

Fast forward to roughly the same time before an election in 2023, though, and Johnson has significantly changed his tune. In fact, this week he is expected to hold a vote to authorize Republicans’ impeachment inquiry against Biden.

Wagner noted how Republicans don’t know yet what their proposed impeachment of Biden is actually about. “Mike Johnson is in way over his head right now,” she suggested.

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