‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Kal Penn Drops C-Bomb In Nickname For Trump’s Defense

The actor and former Obama White House staffer reacted to special counsel Jack Smith’s Monday request for the Supreme Court to decide whether Trump has immunity from alleged crimes he committed while in office.

Trump’s attorneys have argued that Trump cannot be prosecuted for his actions surrounding the 2020 election because they were part of his official duties as president. Trump is seeking to have Smith’s federal election subversion case against him dismissed through a lower court on broad claims of executive immunity.

“Trump thinks stealing the election was part of his job,” Penn said. “I mean, look, say what you want about the guy, but it’s pretty ballsy when your defense is both’ I didn’t do anything’ and also ‘I was allowed to do it.’”

“Like, what a paradox,” he continued. “Trump is what I like to call a Schrodinger’s cunt.”

He added: “If the Constitution allows the president to overturn the Constitution, then like, what was the point of the Constitution?”

Trump, the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, is scheduled to go to trial on March 4 in the federal election interference case. He has also been criminally indicted in three other cases.

Watch from 0:57 below on “The Daily Show.”

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