Judge: Giuliani may have defamed Georgia election workers again outside DC courthouse

After the first day of his trial, when jurors began to hear evidence to determine just how much Giuliani must pay for defaming the two women, Giuliani approached television cameras outside the courthouse and reiterated his attacks on them.

“Of course I don’t regret it,” he said of his years-long discredited efforts to accuse Freeman and Moss of election fraud. “They were engaging in changing votes.” Giuliani implied that he would delve into the allegations further when he takes the stand this week.

When the trial reconvened on Tuesday morning, an incredulous Howell said the comments “could support another defamation claim.”

Sibley told jurors in his opening statement Monday that Giuliani had wronged the two election workers, who he described as “good people” who did not deserve the torrent of threats they received. But Giuliani contradicted that sentiment by renewing his false allegations about Moss and Freeman to reporters outside the courthouse.

“I’m not sure how it’s reconcilable,” Sibley acknowledged in response to Howell’s questions.

The attorney cited the mayor’s age as a factor.

“This has taken a bit of a toll on him. He’s almost 80 years old,” Sibley said, adding, “There are health concerns for Mr. Giuliani.”

Howell said she hadn’t seen evidence that Giuliani was having issues paying attention or absorbing the proceedings that were unfolding in his damages trial. She noted he seemed responsive to questions and alert throughout the day Monday. But she did worry about whether he would be able to follow the court’s instructions, particularly when he testifies.

Sibley said he could have greater influence on Giuliani’s conduct inside the courtroom than he can once he leaves the building.

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