Chris Christie’s Kids Hate When Trump Calls Him These 2 Words

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a grown-up when it comes to dealiing with insults, but his kids are more sensitive.

Christie told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Monday that his children get particularly mad when former President Donald Trump describes their dad as a “fat pig.”

Christie, whose campaign for the Republican presidential nomination seems more about keeping Trump from being reelected, said his children hate the insult for very personal reasons.

“My children hate it. Especially because we’re been friends with Donald Trump for over 20 years … we’ve been to his home a number of times … it just shows you he’s lost it,” Christie said.

As a result, many people on X, formerly known as Twitter, didn’t seem too concerned about how Christie’s kids felt about Trump’s insult.

Christie’s plan to keep Trump from winning the GOP nomination isn’t going so well. Polling indicates Trump leads the field with 61.1% of the vote while Christie is only supported by 2.5% of Republicans, according to RealClearPolitics.

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