Trump Fans Cuss Out British Couple Outside NYC Court

An elderly British couple drew the wrath of several unhinged Trump supporters outside the New York City courthouse where Donald Trump’s criminal trial is taking place, with the MAGA troopers hurling expletives at the Brits and the NYPD forced to break up the fracas. Video from the incident obtained by the Daily Mail appears to show the agitated MAGA crowd assailing the Brits with chants of “Fuck the queen!” and “Fuck the king!” as the couple attempted to leave the area. One demonstrator called the British woman a “fucking cunt” and screamed, “Burn in hell, you liberal fuck!” as a police officer physically restrained her. The British couple seemed to take it all in stride, smiling in amusement as they slowly walked away from the scene. “They’re disgusting, aren’t they? They’re disgusting people,” the British woman said cheerfully into the camera. The woman added that she and her husband had only dropped by the courthouse to get a taste of authentic American political culture: “We were actually here purely for entertainment value,” she explained.

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