Jimmy Kimmel Names The Very Real Sentence Trump Is Now Facing

“Will the judge send him to Rikers Island? Will he get probation? Maybe they’ll put him under house arrest,” Kimmel said. “Oh man, for Melania, that is a double whammy with cheese is what that is.”

But Kimmel spotted another sentencing option that he found especially fitting ― and it’s not prison.

“Apparently, he could even be sentenced to community service. The judge could make him pick up trash along the side of the road,” Kimmel said. “No joke! I vote for that. That is a beautiful image.”

Kimmel then set the scene.

“Imagine Trump with a Hefty bag picking up ketchup packets with one of those grabber pole things,” he said. “Big truck goes by. It blows that cotton candy hair flap to the other side of his head.”

See more in his Thursday night monologue:

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