Time Magazine Literally Brings The Gavel Down On Trump In Brutal New Cover

Time magazine wasted little, well, time in showing off a future front page following former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial conviction on Thursday.

The publication posted its June 24 edition cover — featuring a new illustration by Cuban-American artist Edel Rodriguez — several weeks early on X, formerly Twitter.

The image showed a gavel being brought down on a sound block, which itself is an abstract interpretation of the preemptive GOP presidential nominee’s face:

Rodriguez has mockingly portrayed Trump for the outlet on multiple previous occasions, showing the convicted ex-POTUS as literally melting down, as a peach during his first impeachment for extorting Ukraine and as a wrecking ball dismantling government.

In 2018, Rodriguez marked Trump’s first year in office with this illustration of the then-president’s hair as fire:

He also tackled Trump’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic with this picture of him and a misplaced face mask:

Rodriguez, who fled Cuba for America as a child, told HuffPost in 2017 that his antipathy toward Trump stemmed from growing up under a brutal dictatorship on the Caribbean islad.

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