Ex-Aide Spots Courthouse Moment That ‘Definitely’ Bothers Trump

A former aide to Melania Trump said former President Donald Trump will “definitely” be bothered by the question that one reporter has asked him every single day of his hush money trial in New York.

And that question is, “Where’s Melania?”

Stephanie Grisham, who served as the former first lady’s chief of staff and press secretary before becoming the Trump White House press secretary and then communications director, told CNN’s Erin Burnett that the Trump family is “really focused on optics.”

That includes Melania, she continued, and that is why she and Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump haven’t shown up to support the presumptive GOP presidential nominee at the trial.

“I think Ivanka and Melania are both thinking of their own optics,” said Grisham.

Burnett acknowledged the focus of the trial — Trump’s alleged payout to porn actor Stormy Daniels to silence her over their alleged affair — is embarrassing for Melania Trump but argued her presence would make “a huge statement” in Trump’s favor.

Grisham replied, “I would be absolutely floored if she showed up, there’s just no way.”

“In her mind, I think she would think she was caving or even look weak to suddenly show up now,” she added.

Trump’s campaign and the ex-POTUS himself have highly likely asked Melania to attend, said Grisham. Trump’s children Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump have attended this week.

Jury deliberations in the trial are ongoing.

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