Biden playing risky game trying to capitalize on Trump trial verdict

President Joe Biden. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

Joe Biden is playing a dangerous game trying to capitalize on Donald Trump’s hush money trial and pending verdict – risking antagonizing Trump voters even more.

The president is reportedly planning to break his silence and give a speech at the White House after the Trump verdict is announced and plans to call him “convicted felon Donald Trump” on social media posts if the former president is found guilty.

Democrats of course would love to throw Trump in jail, too, but don’t want him to become a martyr.

But Biden’s behind the scenes planning to react to the verdict just confirms to Trump supporters that the entire trial was politically motivated and a sham.

Whatever Biden decides to say, you can pretty much count on Democrats to mishandle the verdict aftermath and give a boost to Trump.

Biden could also use a guilty verdict to back out of the planned presidential debates, arguing that he shouldn’t be on the same stage as a disgraced convicted felon.

That excuse could give Biden a way out of the debates, which are extremely risky for the 81-year-old Democratic president to participate in.

Prepare to hear that term “convicted felon” a lot in the media if the verdict goes Democrats’ way.

CNN is already gleefully counting down the minutes that the jury is deliberating and plans a major celebration if Trump is found guilty.

Some Democrats have wisely cautioned about being too celebratory if Trump is convicted, knowing it would politicize the entire trial.

Biden is likely to say something like “this is a sad day in America” if Trump is found guilty – marking the first time a former president has ever been convicted of a crime.

After all, he doesn’t want to make it too obvious how giddy Democrats will be.

Politico reported that Biden’s post-verdict speech will be at the White House to make it seem non-campaign related, which won’t fool anyone.

Biden’s campaign “will then argue that the (verdict) shows Trump is ill-suited for office and that it demonstrates the extremes to which the former president would go to win again,” Politico reported.

Trump had to wait at the New York courthouse for five hours on Wednesday while the jury deliberated.

“Mother Theresa could not beat these charges,” Trump said.

Trump – assuming he isn’t held in jail – is likely planning to hold a rally in the aftermath of the verdict, in his favorite setting surrounded by adoring supporters.

That rally could be triumphant if Trump is acquitted, or defiant if he’s found guilty.

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