Anthony Scaramucci Reveals ‘Nervous Tic’ That Shows Trump Is Feeling The Heat Right Now

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci flagged former President Donald Trump’s “nervous tic” that’s a sign of his outlook as the jury began deliberations in his New York hush money case on Wednesday.

The former president told reporters outside the courtroom that “Mother Teresa could not beat these charges” in his latest comparison to a famous figure.

“If you see that accordion move that he’s doing right there, that’s a nervous tic of his,” said Scaramucci, a staunch Trump critic since a 10-day gig as his White House communications director in 2017, in an appearance on “The Hill on NewsNation” podcast.

“And so, when he gets upset, he always goes to the accordion move and so that that’s a tell that he’s bummed out.”

Scaramucci said he’s “pretty confident” Trump’s lawyers told him that — with the way Judge Juan Merchan instructed the jury — it’s going to be “very tough” for them not to come back with some guilty verdicts among the 34 counts he faces.

“And so I think he’s preparing his base and he’s preparing himself, mentally, for a potential guilty [verdict]… if he gets off, then he’s better than Mother Teresa,” Scaramucci said.

He added that “you can see it in his face” how upset Trump is, however, he said he doesn’t think it’ll have a “big impact” on the election in November.

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