Trump supporters send message to Squad member after thousands rallied in the Bronx… and warn Democrats after Kathy Hochul ‘called them clowns’

By Sarah Ewall-wice, Senior U.S. Political Reporter In New York, Ny For Dailymail.Com

17:27 24 May 2024, updated 18:01 24 May 2024

When asked a New Yorker at Donald Trump‘s Bronx rally what her thoughts were on Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the response was too explicit to publish.

It was a sentiment shared by many of the thousands who watched the former president campaign on Thursday who are tired of President Joe Biden and the Democrats taking them for granted.

AOC said the event in one of the bluest counties in the country would be a ‘muddy mess’, posted ‘God is good’ when it started to rain and urged the majority black and Hispanic locals not to show up.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul also sparked fury by appearing to call MAGA fans ‘clowns.’

But the message from the hoards who showed up was clear: They were there for Trump and the Democrats should be worried.

The crowd booed when they heard the Squad member’s name mentioned and said she ‘doesn’t belong here’.

Jessica Stinnett of Manhattan slammed the congresswoman arguing ‘there’s no respect to America or the American people anymore’ because of lawmakers like her and Biden. 

‘It’s time for us to come and fight,’ she said of New York Republicans pushing to shift the state further red.

Trump supporters wait in line to get into Crotona Park in the Bronx for ex-president’s rally

Voters told Fox News before the rally that the Democratic Rep. should ‘stay out of the Bronx’ and be concerned about the show of support from the thousands decked out in MAGA hats.

Fans in t-shirts with Trump’s mugshot and others decked out in Trump bling and tattoos crowded into Crotona Park to hear the ex-president speak while hundreds more waited outside the barricades.

Like the city, it was a more diverse crowd than many of the ex-president’s rallies that have taken place in recent months in battleground states . Trump declared the event ta ‘love fest.’

Other Trump supporters accused the congresswoman of doing ‘nothing for the Bronx.’

Signs at Trump’s rally claim New York is ‘Trump Country’ ahead of his visit to the Bronx

Ahead of Trump’s rally on Thursday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul appeared on CNN where she used the word ‘clowns’ to describe Trump supporters.

‘Well, I’ll tell you what won’t make a difference at all, Jake, and that’s for Donald Trump to be a ringleader and invite all his clowns to a place like the Bronx,’ Hochul told anchor Jake Tapper.

‘New York will never, ever support Donald Trump for president,’ she added.

The comment was reminiscent of when Hillary Clinton labeled Trump supporters as a ‘basket of deplorables’ in a speech ahead of the 2016 election sparking fierce backlash. (Trump voters have since embraced the term, donning shirts with the word ‘deplorable’ at numerous GOP events.)

Tatiana Ibrahim who traveled down to the Bronx on Thursday from Carmel, New York blasted New York Democratic political leaders.

I think that New York is a very strong state with a lot of people who truly believe in our president and are truly tried. They have woken up,’ she said. 

A man holds a sign welcoming Trump to the Bronx from ‘Robert from the Bronx’ ahead of the ex-president’s rally
AOC’s Republican opponent in the Bronx Tina Forte demanded  a debate with the Squad member. The Democrat won reelection in 2022 with more than 70 percent in the district
Mel Easy from the Bronx
Michael Vass from the Bronx
Crowds of Trump supporters listening to Trupm speak in Crotona Park as the sun sets

‘They’re sick and tired of being put down, pushed down, pushed to the side, taken advantage of. These corrupt politicians of New York need to go.’ 

The ex-president’s base showing up in force for the campaign event in one of the bluest counties in the country sent a clear message to New York elected Democrats: where the Republican presidential nominee goes, they will follow and some are already there.

Several thousand decked out in their red MAGA hats, Trump emblazoned t-shirts, even sporting Trump bling and MAGA tattoos crowded into Crotona Park to hear the ex-president speak while hundreds more waited outside the barricades.

Like the city, it was a more diverse crowd than many of the ex-president’s rallies that have taken place in recent months in battleground states. Trump declared the event ta ‘love fest.’

The ex-president is looking to woo more black and Latino voters away from Biden in 2024 as polls show support slipping for the 81-year-old incumbent from the largely Democratic base. spoke with a diverse number of Bronx residents who were Trump voters and ecstatic he was showing up to speak. 

Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats look toward the podium as the ex-president holds rally
A shirtless Trump supporter with jeans, a flag and a Trump license plate walks around outside the rally
Supporters of the Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump gather for a campaign rally in the Bronx borough of New York
‘We Love Trump’ the sidewalk in Crotona park reads written in chalk as supporters gather

Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate to hold a campaign event in the Bronx in more than 40 years. The last one to do so was Ronald Reagan in 1984. 

And Trump’s New York backers rejoiced in the visit – vowing to turn the city red.

‘I love it. I’m glad he’s here,’ said Bronx resident and Trump supporter Mel Easy, who is black. He proudly sported a red MAGA hat and voted for the ex-president in both the past two elections.

Michael Vass, another Trump voter from the Bronx who waited in line early said he’s happy to have the Republican candidate show up.

It’s an expression of the first amendment and the right to assemble,’ Vass said. ‘I think it’s very important that we hear everyone who’s potentially going to be leading this nation.’

The Bronx overwhelmingly voted for President Joe Biden in 2020. He received more than 83 percent of the vote from the county and more than 60 percent state wide. 

But in a city as populated as New York, even with less than 16 percent of the vote in the Bronx in 2020, that still means more than 67,000 people voted for Trump. 

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