Nikki Haley pledges to support former Republican rival Donald Trump


Nikki Haley’s back on the Trump train

Nikki Haley has just surrendered her backbone, morals, integrity and any future aspirations. She was always very suspect as to her real position on any meaningful policy but her recent statements cement her as the ultimate self- serving coward. Three months ago, she said Donald Trump was unfit for office or even to hold a driver’s license. She listed his numerous faults, statements and actions to support her views of him including attacks on her husband and other military members and veterans. Now, suddenly, she views the more unhinged former president favorably to Biden. She uses blatant lies and misinformation to support her claims. What a pitiful display of selfish desperation over country. She now joins the large group of former Republican rivals to Trump who care nothing for our country or our future. Welcome to the cult Nikki and the end of the road for your political and moral future. Hopefully your former supporters will recall your campaign comments and reject an “unfit” Trump.

Kirk Harris, North Palm Beach

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Why stop at banning climate change?

I am so happy that the Republican Party in Florida has finally removed all the mention of global warming from our laws. I will relish this every time a king tide hits. I look forward to the next logical step. Let’s pass a law that makes hurricanes illegal in Florida. I am sure that would scare away those pesky storms.

Tom Depko, Delray Beach

Climate change ban ‘cray-cray’

The Florida Legislature has removed any mention of climate change from the laws of the state. This is unlikely to pause the rising of the ocean but it has made the state a laughing stock in the rest of the country.

Frank Palmer, Chicago

Don’t sleep on Biden’s accomplishments

The Biden administration has overseen a very strategic long-term plan to stabilize our post-pandemic economy. Starting with the American Rescue Plan which contributed to a faster economic rebound. We have benefited from lower unemployment and wage increases. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which was stalled for years, was a major breakthrough. Funds have been allocated to repair our aging bridges and highways. We can anticipate long-term benefits, the creation of new jobs and improvements in our supply chain.

President Biden continues to forgive student loans, focus on green energy investments and fair trade. While there are price increases at the gas pumps and food stores, they are below the increases that were predicted and are trending away from inflation. The president is achieving his goal to balance our immediate recovery needs and address the future.

Judith Ann Wyckoff, Palm Beach Gardens

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