MAGA Supporters Furious Over Joe Biden’s Plan To Address Donald Trump’s Hush Money Verdict

President Joe Biden reportedly plans to address his predecessor, Donald Trump‘s hush money trial once the jury delivers its verdict. Biden will deliver this address in a “White House setting” to avoid the appearance of political motivation.

According to reports, Biden’s team will leverage a guilty verdict to initiate more attacks against Trump ahead of the upcoming election.

MAGA supporters are also angry at the report of Biden’s plan to speak about Trump’s trial, with many claiming that a verdict has been predetermined.

Joe Biden Intends To Speak About The Hush Money Trial In A ‘White House Setting’

Biden Administration Takes 'Major Step' To Help Americans From 'Getting Ripped Off'Biden Administration Takes 'Major Step' To Help Americans From 'Getting Ripped Off'


Biden intends to speak about Trump’s hush money trial once it concludes in the coming weeks. Such an act will see him break his vow of silence, as he has refrained from discussing the trial since it began.

Sources close to the president told Politico that the address will be held regardless of whether Trump is found guilty or acquitted or if a mistrial is declared due to a hung jury.

While each scenario will necessitate a different statement, it is believed that the core of Biden’s message would be “that America’s legal system worked and that the process should be respected” at all times.

It is also understood that Biden intends to hold the address in a “White House” setting, not during one of his election campaigns. This is to avoid the appearance of using his opponent’s situation to bolster his reelection bid.

Apart from the aforementioned details, it is unclear when exactly the address will be delivered and who will be invited to listen in.

MAGA Claims Joe Biden ‘Orchestrated’ The Hush Money Trial

Donald Trump 'Needs A Psychiatric Evaluation': #TrumpIsNotWell TrendsDonald Trump 'Needs A Psychiatric Evaluation': #TrumpIsNotWell Trends


The revelation that Biden intends to address Trump’s hush money trial after the verdict has been met with a barrage of accusations from social media users, with many suggesting that POTUS might have “orchestrated” the charges against his opponent.

One user commented, “Stayed silent? Maybe because he orchestrated it,” while another remarked, “Ya duh. It’s his entire campaign plan. ‘Prosecute my opponent.'”

Another person wrote, “Basically admitting the verdict is guaranteed. [Kangaroo] courts are here to stay. Fake trials. Fake elections. Fake economic data. Fake country.”

A fourth netizen remarked, “Almost everyone, on both sides of the political spectrum, recognize that these flimsy cases are only happening because Trump is Biden’s political opponent.”

One more person noted, “Is it a verdict when the entire trial is rigged? I don’t see how you can have a verdict when the courtroom is so obviously rigged.

Joe Biden’s Campaign Team May Address Donald Trump As A ‘Convicted Felon’ If Found Guilty

Joe BidenJoe Biden


Insiders also claim that Biden’s social media team intends to launch an all-out attack on Trump if he is found guilty by the jury.

As part of their strategy, they will claim that a guilty verdict proves that he is “ill-suited for office” and that it shouldn’t be surprising that the former president would pull similar moves to win again.

They also plan to escalate their efforts by using the tag “Convicted Felon Donald Trump” in their statements about him, an act that could significantly damage his standing with voters.

The team has already taken shots at the former president on several occasions, with one of the most recent being a tweet accusing him of using Nazi talking points in a campaign video.

The video in question has since been taken down from Trump’s Truth Social page following massive backlash from several social media users.

Donald Trump’s Hush Money Trial Is Set To Continue With Closing Arguments

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The prosecution and defense concluded their arguments in Trump’s hush money trial earlier this week, paving the way for closing arguments to be held next Tuesday.

The prosecution will aim to provide jurors with a clear understanding of how the evidence and testimonies they have seen and heard prove that the charges are justified beyond a reasonable doubt.

On the other hand, Trump’s lawyers will likely try to discredit it, particularly focusing on the testimony of the former president’s fixer, Michael Cohen.

Next will be jury deliberations, with many speculating that a verdict will be reached in less than a week.

Donal Trump Could Be Sentenced To Jail For Over 10 Years If Found Guilty

Former President Donald Trump Gives Input On Possible TikTok BanFormer President Donald Trump Gives Input On Possible TikTok Ban


A guilty conviction could potentially result in Trump being sentenced to jail for over a decade, as each of the 34 counts of charges of falsifying business records carries a maximum sentence of four years.

In such a scenario, the billionaire mogul is expected to appeal the judgment, as he has done on several occasions for similar verdicts.

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