Joe Scarborough Drops S-Bomb Over Nikki Haley’s Trump Endorsement

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Thursday he wasn’t shocked by Nikki Haley’s endorsement of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

But the “Morning Joe” co-host said he was stunned that former 2024 GOP presidential hopeful Haley “would sink so low, so fast and just lie about the facts as badly as she did.”

Haley, in her public declaration of support for Trump on Wednesday, claimed he’d handle the economy, national debt and America’s adversaries better than President Joe Biden.

Those claims prompted withering commentary from Scarborough, who dedicated an earlier segment of his show to reminding viewers of “cynical” Haley’s previous putdowns of Trump as “unhinged” and a bully.

“This is how people spread disinformation and lies and get away with it, where you just let shit keep going,” he said. “She lied about the economy. She lied about debt. Just look at the numbers. She lied through her teeth about debt, and she lied about Donald Trump holding our enemies accountable when he actually praises our enemies and sends love letters to them and talks about how brilliant they are, because they can hold down millions and millions of their countrymen and women.”

Haley “could have picked three or four other issues” to talk about in her backing of Trump, he continued, citing inflation, gas prices and Afghanistan. But she picked three of Trump’s “weakest points” and “lied to the American people about it,” he fumed.

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