Joe Piscopo Showed Up At Trial To Support Trump And He Explains Why

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Joe Piscopo, who trended on social media for attending Donald Trump’s hush money trial this week, explained to Fox Business on Wednesday why he showed up. (Watch the video below.)

Piscopo, now a conservative radio host on AM 970 in the New York City area, gushed to host Neil Cavuto that it was all about “loyalty” after Trump granted him a brief interview on the day of his Wildwood, N.J., rally earlier this month.

Piscopo said he was flattered by the response of “President Trump” and his team, citing minute details of the attention he got from the four-time-indicted Republican candidate in the VIP tent.

“I’m Italian,” Piscopo said. “I don’t forget loyalty, you know what I’m saying? I’m telling you, I don’t forget these things. So now when this trial started to unfold and I saw it … we still don’t know what the crime is … I said I’m gonna show up just to show respect to President Trump. That’s all that was ― a sign of friendship! I’ve known him a hundred years and we’ve always had a nice relationship so I wanted to show loyalty because there’s none of that anymore.”

We’ll take the liberty of reminding the former comedian that Trump is accused of illegally trying to disguise hush money payments to porn actor Stormy Daniels as business expenses. The transaction was to keep her from going public about their alleged extramarital tryst, which could have damaged his chances in the 2016 election.

Coincidentally, Piscopo took issue with Daniels appearing on “Saturday Night Live” back in a 2018 sketch about the controversy. “What do I tell my kids?” Piscopo said at the time, adding that the bit “went over the line.”

Piscopo was an “SNL” regular from 1980 to 1984 and often did segments with Eddie Murphy while also impersonating then-President Ronald Reagan and Frank Sinatra.

Eddie Murphy as Jim Brown with Joe Piscopo during a Eddie Murphy as Jim Brown with Joe Piscopo during a

Eddie Murphy as Jim Brown with Joe Piscopo during a “Saturday Night News” skit on Nov. 19, 1983. NBC via Getty Images

But his fawning interview with Trump in Wildwood was no joke:


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