Randy Rainbow’s First Musical Mocking Of Trump In Forever Is So Worth The Wait

The Emmy- and Grammy-nominated comedian played Dolly Parton in a “9 to 5” sendup that goes overtime to skewer president No. 45 ― and warns us to “best not make him 47.”

Rainbow sings, “Slurrin’ all his words while he’s sweatin’ and a-twitchin,’ fartin’, burpin’, kvetchin’ and b***hin’ and tryna get his charges all dismissed. I don’t mean to vent on your every violation. Lots of presidents have screwed up the nation, but guess who’s first on the Worst of All Time list!”

“Number 45, what a slimy little cretin,” Rainbow continues in the chorus. “He just spends his life just a-lyin’ and a-cheatin’. He’s a one-term bum, but he’s still out here campaignin’, and he’s bloated from all the bullshit he’s retainin’!”

Be sure not to skip Rainbow’s faux interview with Trump, which kicks off the parody.

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