Kimmel Has Damning Question For Trump Supporters Over ‘Unified Reich’ Video

Jimmy Kimmel took Donald Trump and his supporters to task over a video that was shared to the former president’s Truth Social platform that included a reference to creating a “unified Reich” if he wins back the White House.

President Joe Biden’s campaign condemned Trump for “echoing Nazi Germany” with the clip which has now been deleted from the presumptive GOP nominee’s feed.

“What else does this man have to do for people to see what he is?” Kimmel asked his late-night audience on Tuesday. “Grow the mustache? What if he grew the mustache? What if he grew a little blond Hitler mustache? Started strutting around with his arm out straight?”

“You think it would have any effect?” Kimmel added. “How many of his supporters do you think would say, ‘Alright that’s too much for me.’ I guess maybe 10.”

Kimmel also gave Trump a new nickname: “Reich Tyson.”

Watch Kimmel’s full monologue here:

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