Critics Sum Up Trump’s Latest Courthouse Rant With 1 Scathing Word

Donald Trump’s latest complaint outside the New York courthouse hosting his hush money trial is down to one thing, said critics on social media.

And that is “projection.”

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee on Tuesday repeated his baseless allegation that President Joe Biden is behind his prosecution and is trying “to injure his opponent” because he can’t campaign.

“They’re trying to hurt the opponent because they can’t win it fair and square,” railed Trump.

“It’s lawfare. There are a lot of terms for it,” he added. “It’s a third-world country way of campaigning. Such a disgrace. So sad to see what’s happened to our country. Our country’s going to hell under Biden.”

Critics on X (formerly Twitter) took particular issue with Trump’s “can’t win it fair and square” comment, thinking it especially rich given how Trump continues to push the debunked claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him in a bid to rally his base.

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