Elise Stefanik, Fox News Shannon Bream spar over NYT report questioning her support of Donald Trump

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) on Sunday pushed back against “Fox News Sunday” anchor Shannon Bream for referencing a report that questioned her past support of former President Trump as her name continues to be floated as his potential vice-presidential pick.

In a conversation Sunday about Trump’s shortlist for vice president, Bream referenced a New York Times report published in 2022 that included anecdotes about years-old comments Stefanik made criticizing the former president. 

“Shannon, it’s a disgrace that you would quote The New York Times,” Stefanik said before Bream interjected, “But they’re quoting you, Congresswoman.”

“No, no, no, Shannon … they’re not quoting my friends. Those names are not included because they are false smears,” Stefanik said.

Bream pointed to a source in the Times report that revealed Stefanik told a New York radio station in August 2015 that Trump was “insulting to women” and his candidacy would hurt the party’s efforts to attract female voters.

“This is a false smear. And let me tell you … a fact, Shannon, in 2016, I was attacked as the only elected Republican from the Northeast who voted for President Trump,” Stefanik said. “Democrats spent hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking me for that fact, too. So, to say that I didn’t support him is just false. I have been proud to be one of the strongest supporters going back to when he ran for 2016, which was when it was my first reelection to the House.”

Stefanik said she is confident that Trump will be the next president of the United States, describing herself as one of his “strongest allies” in Congress. 

The New York Republican later said her “record speaks for now,” prompting Bream to interject, “So let me ask you though, because they quote you on a radio station, calling him insulting to women. Is that a misquote? Did you not say that?”

“I said the statement that the Democrats leaked out in 2016 that that was insulting,” Stefanik responded. “However, Shannon, I stood by and supported him, and I strongly support him. And he has done so much to promote women in senior positions, as well as promote women’s economic opportunity that we experienced out of the four years of his administration.”

“It’s a disgrace that you would take a New York Times article and just read negative quotes when the reality was, I was the only Republican elected woman from the Northeast who voted for him in 2016, who has strongly supported him, and I’m proud to be one of his strongest allies today,” she added. 

“We know where you are today,” Bream responded. “Folks can go read that article for themselves. There are plenty of names of people who went on the record, and we will leave it there. Clearly, you are supportive of him now.”

Stefanik is among a series of names being floated for Trump’s running mate. Earlier this month, she sidestepped questions about the prospect, noting “a lot of names” are under consideration. 

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