Biden urges Atlanta voters to stand up against Trump: ‘He’s running for revenge’

President Biden during a campaign reception in Atlanta urged his supporters to stand up against former President Trump, as the two party front-runners head toward a rematch in November.

Biden in remarks Saturday at Mary Mac’s Tea Room, argued that Trump is only “running for revenge.”

“Folks, Trump isn’t running to lead America. He’s running for revenge,” Biden said Saturday, according to pool notes. “And look, revenge is no way to lead a country.”

Biden, who traveled to Atlanta to give the commencement address at Morehouse College Sunday, courted Georgia voters in the state’s capital city on Saturday, warning that “unhinged” Trump is a threat to “democracy.” He also praised The Peach State electorate for being the “reason” behind his 2020 election win.

The president, who won the state by a razor-thin margin in 2020, showered praise on the state’s voters and projected that with their help, he would secure the battleground state once again in November.

“Tell people that if you doubt the power of the vote, come visit Georgia,” Biden added, per the pool. “What you’ve all done is incredible. You’re the reason — not a joke — Georgia is the reason I’m president of the United States.”

Recent polls, however, have shown the president trailing Trump in Georgia, a state crucial for his reelection effort. A recent survey from The New York Times brought more headaches to the Biden campaign as it showed him falling behind the former president by 10 points in the state — the second-highest margin out of the battleground states polled, behind Nevada’s 12-point gap. 

“We feel good about the state of the race,” Biden said, despite the numbers. “There’s a lot to do. We know we’re far from over. But we know the race is close. Polls vary from moving up to down to tied but it’s hard to make any poll rational these days.” 

He reiterated the importance of the upcoming election, stating that Trump cannot be back in the Oval Office again and that “freedoms” are on the line. 

“We cannot let this man become president,” Biden said. “Our children’s future is at stake. Not a joke. If you’ll allow me to make the case… We have to win this race, not for me but for America.”

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