Lara Trump Dismisses Biden Debates Despite Father-In-Law’s Co-Sign

Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump took less than 24 hours to dismiss the “rigged” debates that her father-in-law Donald Trump signed on for with President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity spoke with the RNC co-chair about the Biden campaign’s requests for the debate before sharing his own proposals: no notes, muting moderators after questions and no teleprompter. (Donald Trump used teleprompters despite prior criticism of former President Barack Obama.)

“But the fact that your father-in-law has said yes to two liberal networks and Fox, I think is fair,” said Hannity, referring to Trump agreeing to CNN and ABC debates while proposing a Fox News debate Biden didn’t agree to.

Lara Trump, who claimed that the former president “called their bluff” by OK’ing the debates, took aim at Biden’s video challenge before claiming the “scales are always tipped against” her father-in-law who she described as unafraid.

She later responded to Hannity’s claims that Biden is colluding with the “media mob” to dictate rules for the debates.

“We want to see more of them on a stage, not less. And you’re right, it’s rigged so heavily in Joe Biden’s favor but everything always is,” said Lara Trump, who claimed Hollywood and the music industry are also against her father-in-law.

“So if Joe Biden shows up on June 27th and doesn’t come up with an excuse like he has to wash his hair or something, I have full confidence that Donald Trump will outperform him.”

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