Ex-Aide Reveals The Big Argument Likely To ‘Backfire’ On Trump

But at least one person who once worked closely with the former president isn’t buying it.

“It’s true, he’s known for not paying people and that he can be quite cheap,” Stephanie Grisham, a former Trump White House press secretary, said Wednesday on CNN. “But I think to me that just shows how much he wanted to cover this up and how important it was that this story not get out there before the election date.”

Cohen claimed Trump “grossed up” his payments ― increased the amount he repaid his attorney for paying off Daniels to keep her allegations of an affair with Trump quiet ahead of the election.

But CNN said Trump’s attorneys plan to argue that the former president is too much of a cheapskate to agree to a “grossed up” payment.

Grisham said the logic doesn’t hold.

“It makes no sense to me,” Grisham said. “I think it’ll backfire.”

See the full discussion on CNN below:

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