Michael Kosta Spills Master Plan For CNN’s Biden-Trump Debate

Guest host Desi Lydic, who joked about the Biden campaign’s request for no audience and for microphones that can automatically cut off, later tossed to Kosta who poked fun at concerns over the candidates’ ages and mental acuity.

“OK, so you’re saying the American people should see this less as a debate and more as a secret medical exam?” Lydic asked.

“Yes, which is why I suggest that CNN add some additional stipulations. For example, the candidates should each defend their tax policy while following this finger with their eyes,” joked Kosta as he moved his finger.

Lydic asked whether the debate, set for June 27, is basically a mental and physical health evaluation to decide who becomes president.

“Absolutely not, no, this is all a ruse. Once we get Biden and Trump in a room together, we can lock the door and the rest of us can sneak out of America,” Kosta joked.

“Then we start a new country with younger candidates, you know, ones whose first kiss wasn’t in the back seat of a Model T.”

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