Mary Trump Thinks She Knows Exactly Why Ivanka And Don Jr. Haven’t Turned Up In Court

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump on Wednesday explained why she believes her cousins Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. haven’t shown up in court to support their father, the former president, during his hush money trial in New York.

Eric Trump is the only Trump scion to do it so far.

It’s because the family is so transactional, Mary Trump explained on a MSNBC YouTube livestream. Also, she doubted her uncle is bothered about them being there.

The reasons for Ivanka and Don Jr.’s no-shows are different, she said.

“Ivanka made the calculation a long time ago that it was not in her best interests to remain in any way associated with the rest of her family. She doesn’t need them,” she said. “All of these relationships are transactional. She is a legitimately wealthy person because of the person [Jared Kushner] she is married to. She doesn’t need Donald for anything. She’s not going to show up in a courtroom to support him especially in a case which is so, seriously, at its base so depressingly tawdry.”

Trump Jr., meanwhile, may have lucked out with Eric drawing “the short straw,” she said. “It doesn’t really make sense that it’s just him and not both of them or vice versa.”

Ultimately, though, Mary Trump said her cousins would all be in court “maybe with the exception of Ivanka” if the presumptive GOP nominee had demanded it. Instead, she said Donald Trump doesn’t actually care about their presence.

“He’s much more disturbed by the absence of crowds outside rallying in his defense which is why we’re seeing this parade of increasingly pathetic and sycophantic members of Congress who should be maybe governing but are taking time out of their apparently not very busy days to help undermine Americans’ confidence in the rule of law,” she said.

Whether Trump’s children are there is “irrelevant to Donald,” she added. “His narcissistic needs are much greater than that so somebody else is going to have to make him feel better on that score but it’s a pretty obviously transactional family and if they’re not getting anything out of it, there’s no reason for them to be there.”

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