Will people who attend Trump rallies also volunteer time to help register voters?

Former President Donald Trump made headlines over the weekend for the large crowd he drew to a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey. Depending on the source, the number of people who attended the rally ranged from 20,000 to 100,000. Some media outlets reported that people set up a couple of days before the rally to ensure they would get seating. Trump supporters touted these anecdotes to demonstrate the former president’s popularity.

Going to a rally is great. But how many of these people are doing the things necessary to help Trump win the election in November? How many people at the Trump rally will do things such as volunteer their time to help register voters?

Large crowd sizes for political rallies are undoubtedly impressive. However, the real power lies in the actions of each attendee. Every person who wants to see Trump win the 2024 presidential election can make a significant difference by devoting his or her time, resources, and energy to register people to vote Republican, persuade others to vote for Trump, or volunteer at call banks to help get out the vote. This is not just work. It’s a crucial contribution to Trump’s campaign.

Unfortunately, the truth is that many of those who attended the rally are only interested in the parties or the “fun” parts of the election. When it comes to doing actual work, many of the people who devoted hours to go to a rally (to hear the former president say many of the same things he has been saying for years) will be nowhere to be found when his campaign needs volunteers. They won’t staff phone banks at election offices, they won’t volunteer to knock on doors, and they won’t do anything to help Trump win the election.

So, do they want to win? Or do they want to talk about wanting to win?

Winning elections requires hard work and sacrifice. Democrats do this each and every election. Republicans don’t. Previously, many Republican voters have cited responsibilities such as work or raising their families as obstacles to volunteering to help political campaigns. Yet, many of these obligations evaporate when the time comes to attend a Trump rally. Herein lies many of the problems associated with Republicans during election time. There will be up to 100,000 people attending a rally. You’d be lucky to find 100 to help volunteer for Trump’s campaign. 

This isn’t to be a total buzzkill, mind you. I have zero problems with people attending political rallies to hear Trump speak and enjoy themselves. It’s fine if people want to go to rallies and enjoy themselves. The problem comes when that is all such people do. And if one has time to do joyous things such as go to a rally, then one should also make time to do the work to help get Trump elected. It’s a hard truth that many people don’t want to hear. Rallies are fun. However, they are of little importance to winning elections.


Drawing tens of thousands of people to a political rally is great. Having them help Trump’s get-out-the-vote efforts would be better. Imagine the difference that could happen if every attendee just found one other person to register and vote for Trump. 

If Trump supporters and Republicans don’t start having a similar level of enthusiasm for getting out the vote as they do for attending Trump rallies, then listening to what Trump says he will do if he gets back in the White House is the only thing Trump will be doing about getting back in the White House. 

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