Jon Stewart Exposes Dirty ‘Secret’ That Lets Lawmakers Get Rich

“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on Monday said Donald Trump isn’t the only politician on trial right now.

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) is in court across the street from Trump on corruption charges over allegations he took cash and gold bars in exchange for political favors.

Stewart said the “dumbest thing” about Menendez is how “unnecessary” all this was for him.

“You, sir, are an elected official in America’s most respected legislative body,” Stewart pointed out. “It’s like a license to print money! You don’t need to break the law so cartoonishly when the legal corruption in the Senate is so fucking lucrative.”

Stewart revealed what he called “the secret” to financial success in Washington.

First, lawmakers are allowed to engage in what is essentially insider trading. And second, lobbying groups that normally wouldn’t even be allowed to buy a sandwich for a lawmaker can set up PACs with slush funds giving them everything from lucrative vacations to jobs for friends and family.

Stewart called it “corruption in plain sight.”

“It’s all legal,” he said. “And not a gold bar in sight.”

Stewart named names ― from both sides of the aisle ― as he revealed who has been taking what, complete with the whens, wheres and hows.

See it all in his Monday night “Daily Show” monologue:

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