Roger Stone Blasted For Passing Off ’90s Concert Photo As Trump Rally

Republican operative Roger Stone was slammed on Sunday after he posted a picture of what he claimed was a photo of the supposedly massive crowds at former President Donald Trump’s New Jersey rally on Saturday.

A spokesperson for the city of Wildwood, New Jersey ― where the rally took place ― estimated that as many as 100,000 people showed up to the rally.

However, photos and film footage told a different story.

Although there was a crowd of people behind the former president when he spoke, the audience in front looked sparse, and got smaller toward the end of his 90-minute speech.

On Sunday, Stone posted a photo of a large crowd and claimed it was from the Trump rally:

Yeah , New Jersey is in play for @realDonaldTrump. Could Joe Biden draw a crowd like this?”

However, people noticed the mountains in the background, which aren’t a part of the topography of the New Jersey shore, and immediately ascertained the photo was fake.

In fact, as the community note that was eventually attached to Stone’s post noted, the photo was actually from a 1994 Rod Stewart concert in Rio De Janeiro.

Not surprisingly, Stone’s attempt at misinformation was heavily mocked on X, formerly Twitter.

Stone eventually responded to the incessant fact-checking with another post, where he griped that “liberals have no sense of humor.”

He also inaccurately claimed that “10,000 people at the New Jersey shore is still 10,000 people,” even though the crowd estimate was closer to 100,000.

On Monday, he continued to double down.

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