Donald Trump’s MAGA supporters fly plane banner over Manhattan courthouse as Michael Cohen testifies

Donald Trump’s MAGA enthusiasts made quite the spectacle as they flew a plane banner over the Manhattan courthouse while Michael Cohen gave his testimony. The banner boldly declared: “WHEN YOU INDICT HIM YOU UNITE US. MAGA.”

It seems this isn’t the first time the banner has taken to the skies; it was reportedly seen last week during Trump‘s trial too. As the ex-president faces the fifth week of his hush money trial in New York, the drama unfolds.

Trump, aged 77, seemed to avoid eye contact with his former lawyer and now key adversary, Michael Cohen, on Monday as he pointed him out in court by his attire, stating, “He’s wearing a blue and white tie.”

During Cohen’s testimony, there were reports of Trump slumping in his chair, eyes closed not an unfamiliar sight, as he’s been known to doze off in court before. This time, he apparently had several snoozing spells, each lasting from half a minute to a full minute.

Trump and Cohen were once tight, but their bond shattered after the FBI raided Cohen’s premises, prompting Trump to keep his distance. In court, Cohen spilled the beans on how he and Trump used the National Enquirer as a propaganda tool to boost Trump’s image, knock rivals, and hush up personal scandals by snapping up stories or tipping Cohen to buy them, reports the Mirror US.

Donald Trump avoided eye contact with Michael Cohen(Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Trump denies the claims. Cohen, aged 57, dished in his testimony that Trump had braced him for a barrage of negative press during his presidential bid, saying, “You know that when this comes out … just be prepared. There’s going to be a lot of women coming forward”, which is what Cohen alleges Trump told him.

Cohen’s set to give evidence about his supposed part in arranging a $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels back in 2016, aimed at keeping her quiet about an alleged fling with Trump. Last week, Daniels testified for over seven hours, claiming she was paid off to zip it and alleging a tryst with Trump in a hotel suite ten years prior.

Trump denies any such incident with her. Meanwhile, in court proceedings today, Trump’s son, Eric was criticised for what seemed to be phone usage during the court session as he berated Cohen’s initial testimony. The 40 year old sent a tweet saying: “I have never seen anything more rehearsed.”

Nonetheless, his action of using his phone in court – infringing upon its rules – sparked questions and drew criticism toward the Trump family from some X users.

One Twitter asked: “Wait, why are you using your phone in the courtroom? Yet another example that the Trump family believes that rules don’t apply to them.”

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