CNN Host Hits J.D. Vance With A Blunt Reminder For Denying Trump’s Antisemitic Conduct

CNN’s Dana Bash reminded Sen. J.D. Vance of Donald Trump’s meeting with a notable, staunch antisemite on Sunday as the Ohio Republican questioned claims that the former president is antisemitic.

“I don’t think anybody could look at the presidency and the conduct of Donald Trump and say, ‘This is a person who’s somehow antisemitic.’ And I think whether you’re Jewish or not, you should be looking at the record of Joe Biden and saying –,” Vance told Bash on “State of the Union” before she interjected.

“He had dinner with Nick Fuentes, who is an avowed antisemite,” replied Bash, in a reference to Trump’s 2022 dinner with white supremacist Fuentes and rapper Ye, who shared several antisemitic remarks around that time.

“Dana, you should look at the record of Joe Biden and recognize that whether you’re Jewish or not, his presidency has been a disaster for the American people,” Vance said.

Vance, who is rumored to be on Trump’s vice presidential shortlist, was responding to the former president’s recent declaration that any Jewish person “should be ashamed of themselves” if they voted for President Joe Biden.

Trump’s comments followed Biden’s warning to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against an invasion of Gaza’s city of Rafah.

“So I just want to be clear: do you think that Jewish people who voted for Joe Biden should be ashamed of themselves?” Bash asked Vance, who said Trump is “right” and described Biden’s policy as “equal parts incoherent and immoral.”

Vance, in response, said people should look at Trump’s record on Israel compared to Biden.

”Do I think it’s reasonable to look at this and say that if you’re a Jewish American who cares about the state of Israel, who cares about these antisemitic riots and say you should be on the side of Republicans in 2024 because they governed effectively on some of the issues that you care about?” he asked.

“I think it’s a totally reasonable argument to make, and I think that Donald Trump’s going to keep on making it.”

Bash went on to note that telling Jewish people to put Israel and what happens there first — and not considering them to be American citizens first — has historically been used as an antisemitic trope.

“Do you recognize that there and perhaps that language isn’t exactly on point when you’re talking about something that is very, very, it’s like a tinderbox right now,” Bash said.

You can watch more of the interview below.

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