Trump Delusionary in New Jersey

Donald Trump today brought his cruel, weird, hateful, indicted, egomaniacal, name-dropping TV personality brand to Wildwood, apparently trying to take advantage of perennial New Jersey dysfunction, while entertaining his own public delusion.

“I love New Jersey, I’m here all the time,” said the former President, who’s running again, and has no shot of penetrating New Jersey, where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by a million.

“As you can see today, we’re expanding the electoral map,” said Trump, who does well in South Jersey, while losing the rest of New Jersey. “We are going to officially play in the State of New Jersey. We’re going to win the State of New Jersey.  …I’m going to say Joe Biden, you’re fired. Get out of here, Joe. He’s destroying it [the country].”

Mentioning Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavarotti, he talked about eating a hot dog.

“I wish we didn’t have the press here,” Trump said moments later, his voice going gravelly. “Look, fake news.”

Boos rained on the reporters covering the event.

He railed against President Joe Biden, who beat him in 2020, and turned him out of office, despite Trump’s efforts to delegitimize the election. “He doesn’t even know what the hell he’s saying,” Trump said of Biden.

The former President faces charges for “perpetrated three conspiracies”: one to defeat the lawful federal government function by which the results of the presidential election are collected, counted, and certified; another “to corruptly obstruct and impede the January 6 congressional proceeding at which the collected results of the presidential election are counted and certified”; and yet another “against the right to vote and to have one’s vote counted.”

From CNN:

President Joe Biden on Saturday called Donald Trump “clearly unhinged” and claimed that “something snapped” in the former president after he lost the 2020 election.

“It’s clear that … when he lost in 2020, something snapped in him,” Biden told supporters in Seattle at a private fundraiser Saturday, according to reporters in the room. “He’s not only obsessed with losing in 2020, he’s clearly unhinged. Just listen to what he’s telling people.”

Even though Biden thinks the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is “unhinged,” he said he believes the November election will be “close.”

In Wildwood, Trump bragged about being “more popular than ever” although “I’ve been indicted more than [Al Capone] on bullshit.” Delighted by their champion, the crowd chanted, “Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.” Later, Trump seemed to amuse himself by referring to former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as a “fat pig” while the audience roared with laughter. Then Trump likened the dead whales washing up on the shore to Christie.


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