Stephen Colbert Spots Warnings For Trump In New Election Numbers

Donald Trump may have all but sewn up the Republican presidential nomination, but Stephen Colbert said this week’s primary election in Indiana revealed some big “warnings” for the former president.

“Despite her dropping out of the race two months ago, Nikki Haley still pulled in nearly 22% of the vote,” Colbert said. “Wow! That’s gotta sting for Trump. That’s like a boss telling you, ‘Sorry, we’re passing you over for the promotion and giving it to Mark, may he rest in peace.’”

Hailey, the former South Carolina governor who once served in the Trump administration as ambassador to the United Nations, turned into a critic of the former president on the campaign trail.

Since dropping out of the race, she has continued to draw a larger-than-expected share of the vote, such as 16.6% in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, which in 2020 was decided by less than 1.2% of the vote.

Haley has not endorsed Trump, and President Joe Biden’s campaign has been trying to court her voters.

See more in Colbert’s Wednesday night “Late Show” monologue:

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