Stephen Colbert Exposes Trump’s Most ‘Stirringly Stupid’ Scheme

Donald Trump has been selling sneakers, bibles and more as he attempts to raise cash in the face of nearly half a billion dollars in civil verdicts, but Stephen Colbert on Thursday spotted the strangest scheme yet.

“Trump sold NFTs with stirringly stupid images of him doing things like hanging out in space with a fire lion,” Colbert said.

“Some attendees also received physical cards with pieces of the suit and the tie that Trump was wearing when he was arrested in Georgia,” Colbert said. “The suit was actually kinda easy to do because the suit was already in scraps. Because that’s just how Trump gets undressed.”

The host of “The Late Show” then broke out an impression of Trump getting cut out of his “poly-blend prison” of a suit:

See more in his Thursday night monologue:

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