Donald Trump pledges crypto support — and will accept it as a campaign donation

Donald Trump, the Republican Party candidate for president of the United States, told a gathering of supporters that he supports cryptocurrency and his campaign would accept donations of it.

Speaking to buyers of his “Mugshot Edition” of non-fungible tokens, Trump said that if cryptocurrency wasn’t already accepted by his campaign, he would make sure it was.

Trump also poked fun at President Biden, suggesting the White House incumbent and his rival in the presidential race does not understand cryptocurrency and is against it at the same time.

During the gathering, which was organized for buyers who had purchased more than 47 of his NFTs priced at $99 each, Trump also addressed the issue of crypto businesses leaving the U.S. due to perceived hostility. He pledged to work on retaining these businesses within the country, saying:

If crypto is moving out of the U.S. because of hostility toward crypto… well, we’ll stop it. We don’t want that. If we’re going to embrace it, we have to let them be here.

Co-founder of Electric Capital Avichal Garg praised Trump’s evolving stance on cryptocurrency while also pointing out that if Biden maintains an anti-crypto position, Democrats as a whole could become associated with anti-crypto sentiment.

As reported earlier today, Jeo Boden (BODEN) — a memecoin inspired by a misspelling of Biden’s name — experienced a significant surge in value after Trump’s unenthusiastic response to a fan’s question about the cryptocurrency.

Earlier this week ReadWrite also reported that pro-crypto independent U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is set to speak at the upcoming Consensus 2024 crypto conference in Austin, Texas.

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