Trump supporters turned up to protest outside his hush money trial – all five (ish) of them

Oonagh Keating. Updated April 24th, 2024

The second day of witness statements in Donald Trump‘s fraud trial wasn’t a great one for him.

It saw the former National Enquirer publisher, David Pecker, reveal details of the deal he had made with Trump and his team to suppress unfavourable news about the then presidential candidate – and push unpleasant stories about his opponents.

It didn’t paint Trump in a good light.

Something else that didn’t make him look good was his call for the MAGA faithful to protest outside the courthouse against the trial, which he has repeatedly described as an attempt to prevent him from campaigning for re-election.

What Trump failed to appreciate was that the police presence wasn’t to prevent protest but to keep it from turning dangerous or violent if huge numbers turned up. They needn’t have bothered.

Crowds of Trump supporters are a gift to Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler – The Good Liars – because their interviews are comedy gold, so the pair were there to capture the wit and wisdom of MAGA.

To be fair, there was probably just as much wit and wisdom present as when they arrive in droves. The poor turnout tickled Twitter/X users.










How bad is it that the Trump family aren’t in court? This bad.

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The Good liars had bad news for the Trump fan using the bible to justify his homophobia

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