Michael Douglas Defends Biden With A Stark Reminder About Trump

Academy Award winner Michael Douglas flagged a comparison between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump as he defended the current commander-in-chief against attacks on his age.

Biden is 81, Douglas is 79 and Trump is 77.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria noted in an interview with Douglas that broadcast on Sunday that he and Biden are “about the same age.”

Zakaria then asked the “Franklin” star: “Are you one of those people who wished he [Biden] had bowed out and let the field choose somebody else?”

Biden is “as sharp a tack” and “fine,” Douglas said he’s been told by everybody he’s spoken to about the issue.

“We all have an issue with memories as we get older, we forget names, the actor acknowledged. “He’s overcome a stutter in his life and sometimes he might.”

Then came the reminder about Trump.

“But let’s just say that his entire cabinet, including his vice president, everybody in his cabinet would be more than happy to work with him again in the next term,” Douglas concluded. “I cannot say that about the other candidate running because nobody in his cabinet from 2016 wants to be involved with him.”

Douglas later called the 2024 election “probably the most important election of my lifetime.”

Watch the full interview here:

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