Kevin McCarthy’s Call For Election ‘Fairness’ Gets Swift Pushback From Fox News Host

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) appeared to suggest on Sunday that President Joe Biden should meddle with the justice system in response to former President Donald Trump’s legal problems.

The former president, who is facing dozens of felony charges across several cases, has frequently talked about being the target of a “weaponized” justice system and a “witch hunt” even as polls show that most Americans view him as being held “accountable under the law like anyone else.”

McCarthy, who backed Trump’s 2020 election falsehoods and voted against the certification of Biden’s win, pushed for Biden to consider “fairness” in the upcoming election during an interview with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz.

“I think fairness is a word that’s probably a really powerful word in America. Is it really fair that the nominee for one party is now within, is in a trial this close to a presidency?” asked McCarthy, who also didn’t contest Trump-backed House candidates in 2022 that were based on their liking of his election lies.

He continued, “Why wouldn’t Joe Biden, caring about the voters say, ‘You know what? This is wrong. If I had nothing to do with this, they should not have this trial right now so the American people could actually spend time on what the issues are.’ I think that’s even, that would be the real position for Biden to take.”

Kurtz questioned if McCarthy wanted Biden to “meddle with the justice system.”

“No. I want his opinion to be fair. I want his opinion to look for the American people in fairness,” McCarthy said.

Biden, in a statement read by Kurtz, said Trump’s “lack of ethics has nothing to do with” him and he hasn’t talked to anyone in his administration about his legal problems.

Most recently, Trump has repeatedly made false claims that he’s facing a “Biden trial” with the hush money case in Manhattan.

A White House official told Politico last week that the president is sticking with “norms” in response to Trump’s legal cases.

“The rest of us might be like, ‘Sir, it’s a different time.’ But it only takes one utterance from Joe Biden for the weaponization of government bullshit to become more of a reality,” the official said.

“How is Joe Biden weaponizing the government against his political ally? If I were weaponizing the government against my foe, you would hear me talk about it. And so they right now don’t have it.”

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