‘He’s not the alpha’: Operative says trial is exposing Trump as ‘small and sad’

Anat Shenker-Osorio, a progressive operative and political strategist, thinks that anyone who believes former President Donald Trump’s hush-money trial will help him politically is fooling themselves.

In an interview with The New Republic’s Greg Sargent, Shenker-Osorio made the case that Trump’s frequent outbursts were actually doing significant damage to his image as an “alpha male” with the mental and physical fortitude needed to take on the nefarious forces that are hellbent on weakening the United States of America.

“The story of the authoritarian is that he… is a strongman and that the rules don’t apply to him,” she said. “But to see him in this situation where he continues to lash out, but the reality, the construct of the courtroom is he’s not the alpha. He’s falling asleep, he’s subjected to censure. That messes with his core attraction.”

In fact, argues Shenker-Osorio, Trump’s actions are making him look “sad and trapped and small.”

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Sargent then observed that prospective swing voters seem unlikely to be impressed by Trump showing complete disrespect for the American criminal justice system and for treating the entire process as a “scam.”

Shenker-Osorio concurred and said that Trump supporters will be in for a “rude awakening” if they think that swing voters will buy into the narrative that Trump is the victim of a sinister “deep state” out to get him rather than a man who committed crimes to cover up an affair that he had with an adult film star while his third wife was pregnant with their child.

She also linked Trump’s efforts to hide the affair ahead of the 2016 election to his efforts to overturn his 2020 loss, as both are examples of him trying to gain power through a campaign of deception.

Listen to the full podcast at this link.

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