Republican Group Trolls Trump With Ad Blitz During His Own Event

Donald Trump’s swing through the Upper Midwest on Tuesday got plenty of local media coverage, but it also came with something the former president likely didn’t expect: a former supporter lashing out against him.

Republican Voters Against Trump launched a media blitz in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Grand Rapids, Michigan timed to his rallies in both cities. Viewers watching the former president’s events on TV there likely also saw a voter named Chuck deliver a warning.

“I am a former Trump supporter. I completely 100% hold him accountable for the insurrection at the Capitol,” Chuck said in the ad. “I will not ever support or vote for Donald Trump ever.”

Chuck said he’ll vote Democrat over Trump.

“I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I will,” he says. “I will vote for Joe Biden.”

Republican Voters Against Trump said the spot aired on TV locally ― including on Fox News during “Jesse Watters Tonight” and “Fox & Friends” ― and was shown digitally in the region during Trump’s visit.

The organization said the ad is part of a $50 million nationwide campaign highlighting former Trump supporters who’ve turned against him. Some are everyday voters like Chuck, whiles others include high-profile figures such as former Vice President Mike Pence, whose words against Trump were featured on billboards.

See Chuck’s testimonial below:

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