Trump pranks MAGA with April Fool’s joke that turns into fundraising grift

Donald Trump gave his devoted fans a heartbreaking message Monday.

“From Trump: I’m suspending my campaign,” read a text message sent to his followers.

“Read the confidential memo:” it went on, followed by a url to a webpage.

Any MAGA supporter who believed the news was soon to breathe a sigh of relief, however, after discovering that they’d been pranked.

“Happy April Fool’s Day!” the next page announced. “Did you really think I’d suspend my campaign?

“I will never stop fighting for the American people. I will never surrender. We can’t sit back and let Crooked Joe continue to destroy our GREAT country.”

The seasonal joke then turned into a money-making venture for the ex-president.

“That’s why it is more crucial than ever for all Trump supporters to STAND UP to play a leading role in helping us WIN BACK THE WHITE HOUSE.

“That’s why I’m asking for 100,000 patriots to chip in at least $5 RIGHT NOW to help me.”

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Trump’s campaign is in full-on fundraising mode amid reports that it’s falling way behind its Democratic competition, the campaign of President Joe Biden.

Latest reports show Biden raised nearly $127 million in the last filing period, with the Trump campaign coming in at $99 million. Of that, $25 million of Biden’s haul came from a single New York City fundraiser last month that featured appearances from former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Trump, who also owes millions in legal judgments after losing civil trials, along with fees for lawyers in his four criminal cases, has vowed to hit back with a fundraiser this week that he says will bring in $33 million.

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