Trump-loving Roseanne Barr hints at violent revolution if he loses 2024 election

Roseanne Barr, the Donald Trump-loving comedian who got thrown off her own show because of her overt racism, on Monday raised the specter of violent revolution should the former president and Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake lose their elections this year.

Writing on Twitter, Barr told followers that she was “on my way to Maralago to help Support the great Kari Lake.”

She then added that “we must try to vote our way out of this for at least one last year… and then if that doesn’t work #1776.”

“1776” is a clear reference to the American Revolution that took up arms against the British Empire and then founded the American republic.

References to 1776 were also deployed by some conservatives, notably Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), in the leadup to the deadly Capitol riots in which Trump supporters sent members of Congress fleeing for their lives in a last-ditch bid to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

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Trump himself has a long history of encouraging violent actions by his own fans.

In 2016, he infamously told supporters he’d pay for their legal bills if they beat up anti-Trump protesters at his rallies, and he warned Republicans there would be “riots” in the streets if the party were to deny him its presidential nomination.

Trump has also championed the people who violently stormed the Capitol on his behalf, vowing to give them a pardon despite the fact that hundreds of them were convicted of assaulting police officers.

The former sitcom star’s talk of launching a violent revolution against the government should Trump lose did not dissuade Lake from promoting Barr’s post, as she quoted it and simply said, “I can’t wait to see you!”

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