Lifelong Republican Surprises CNN’s Laura Coates With Hillary Clinton Admission

A lifelong Republican voter told CNN’s Laura Coates on Wednesday that former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was “absolutely right” when it came to her comments about her Republican 2016 presidential election rival Donald Trump.

Texas Trey recalled voting for Trump in 2016 not “so much in support of him” but against Clinton because “she didn’t have anything to offer that really appealed to me.”

Trey said he felt the election was “hers to lose” and admitted to being “very shocked” when Trump won.

Coates asked Trey if he’d now had an “evolution of thought” on Clinton, who before the election repeatedly warned of the consequences of Trump entering the White House.

Trey laughed and then replied, “Yes, yes, absolutely.”

“And I already know she was absolutely right, she was absolutely right about everything that she said, although I didn’t necessarily pay too much attention to the things she said,” Trey added.

Coates let out a little murmur of surprise at the admission.

“Going back, in hindsight, it’s very clear. Very clear,” said Trey.

Trey earlier lamented the politicization of daily life as being the reason for why he’s done with both the GOP and Democrats.

“Politics was something that for the majority of my life just didn’t permeate every aspect of it like it does now. I mean, It’s just injected into everything we do,” he told Coates. Democrats and Republicans used to mainly argue about the budget, he added. But now, it’s the “beer you drink to the stores you shop in, it all has political implications.”

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